Estonian Aikido Federation

Estonian Aikido Federation was founded in 2006. We are a voluntary association of Estonian Aikido clubs under the international umbrella organisation International Aikido Federation (IAF).


Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate interest in Aikido and ensure a long tradition of practicing this art in Estonia.

Our activities

Aikido club collaboration coordination
Integrating annual joint aikido seminars
Kinship development with aikido's birthplace, Japan
Introducing Eastern culture in Estonia
Demonstration performances
Operating in international aikido movements

Estonian Aikido Federation's members can be legal entities or fellowships consisting of natural persons that meet the conditions of the federation's statutes. The application to become a member must be submitted in writing to the board of the Estonian Aikido Federation. Application form: PDF | RUS: PDF

The annual fee of the federation for an individual member is 40€.

You can take Aikido Kyu Grade exams usually at your home club. Dan Grade exams are assessed by the Estonian Aikido Federation's technical committee or a teacher from the Aikido headquarters Hombu Dojo in Japan.
Dan Grade examination fees
Shodan – 1. Dan ¥20 000 JPY
Nidan – 2. Dan ¥20 000 JPY
Sandan – 3. Dan ¥30 000 JPY
Yondan – 4. Dan ¥40 000 JPY
The examination fee must be paid to the account of the Estonian Aikido Federation (include the name of the person taking the exam and the grade of the exam in the explanations). Application for registration for the Dan exam: PDF | RUS: PDF

The Technical Committee is a group of senior instructors operating in the Aikido Federation, whose task is to design the Aikido training methodology and support member clubs in preparing for grade exams.

Estonian Aikido Federation’s contact information:
MTÜ Eesti Aikidoliit
Registry code 80246152
Phone: +372 501 5531

Bank details:
MTÜ Eesti Aikidoliit
IBAN: EE042200221034419556

Important links:

Aikikai Foundation Hombu Dojo
International Aikido Federation (IAF)

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